Organic argan oil

Organic argan oil

Organic argan oil - a powerful antioxidant which makes the skin soft, smooth and moisturizes it deeply. Pretty well restores damaged and weak hair as well.


Organic argan oil is obtained by cold pressing the nuts of the Argania spinosa tree which is found in Morocco. It is often referred to as "liquid gold" because of its powerful beneficial qualities and the wide range of applications for which it is used.

The organic argan oil is a powerful antioxidant, as it is rich in vitamin E - it works against free radicals and prevents the appearance of most signs of aging.
It also contains vitamin F, which is made up of important saturated fatty acids that help with skin infections, rashes and eczema. They also help to build a protective hydrolipidic layer on the skin and hair, defending them from external influences and drying. The argan oil is extremely well absorbed by the skin, making it soft, smooth and moisturized and improves its complexion.

The organic argan oil deeply hydrates not only the skin, but also the hair. It manages to penetrate easily into the hair follicle, being absorbed very well by the skin of the scalp. It softens the beard and hair, making them easier to comb and style. With regular use, it is noticed that the hair regains its shine, strength and elasticity. Thus, damaged and weak hair can be completely restored.

The argan oil can named a "superfood" for skin and hair, because of its exceptional protective and nourishing qualities.

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