Organic apricot oil

Organic apricot oil

Organic apricot oil - protects and nourishes even the most sensitive skin

Organic apricot oil is obtained by cold pressing the nuts of the Prunus Armeniaca plant. It has a strong nutty aroma.

Organic apricot oil is one of the richest in natural form and in large quantities of vitamins A, E and B-group. It also contains beneficial fatty acids.Thanks to its saturated composition, apricot oil is extremely beneficial for the skin and hair. It has a hydrating and regenerating effect on dry skin. It soothes, protects, nourishes and does not leave a greasy feeling, as it is light and pleasant in texture. It absorbs deeply and gives a tangible softness.

Organic apricot oil is also a strong hair stimulator, nourishing its elasticity and appearance.

You may find Organic apricot oil in our 4Derma Beard oil.

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